Edith Macefield’s House


Edith Macefield is a neighborhood legend in Ballard. She turned down a million dollar offer from developers to sell her house, not because she was opposed to development, but simply because she did not want to leave where she had spent most of her life. I’ve seen similar stories in Disney’s “Up” and the picture book “The Little House,” and I think that it’s okay to hold on to what’s important to you. Edith passed away in 2008 in her home.

The house is currently for sale, but will be demolished at the end of this month unless a buyer steps forward.

  Umbrellas are spun around in the artisan’s studio where they receive an endless layer of strings and paint. Our planet, too, rotates everyday to reveal new colors. Paper umbrella crafting is fascinating.

Day 12

Umbrella Museum stillToday I entered the post-production phase of the short documentary I’ve been working on in Hangzhou, China. While revisiting some shots from my first shoot at the Chinese Umbrella Museum, I couldn’t help but be nostalgic about my arrival only 2 weeks ago. Where did the time go?

Sleep now, translations tomorrow. Just got to work work work work! 加油!