Hefang Jie, Hangzhou.

  Umbrellas are spun around in the artisan’s studio where they receive an endless layer of strings and paint. Our planet, too, rotates everyday to reveal new colors. Paper umbrella crafting is fascinating.

Day 12

Umbrella Museum stillToday I entered the post-production phase of the short documentary I’ve been working on in Hangzhou, China. While revisiting some shots from my first shoot at the Chinese Umbrella Museum, I couldn’t help but be nostalgic about my arrival only 2 weeks ago. Where did the time go?

Sleep now, translations tomorrow. Just got to work work work work! 加油!

Day 10

 I fell in love with a bread box/cube + ice cream dessert in Hangzhou. The dish is box of bread, which actually is filled with warm cubes of bread, and ice cream slowly seeping into the toast as it works its way through the crevasses. The best are the last pieces, which, if done right, are like French toast made of sweet and rich goodie flavors. I’d have a hard time sharing after Hangzhou.